From The Kitchen To A Promising Trucking Career

Meet PAM Transport Driver, Brad F.

Every driver has his or her own story.  At Driver Solutions, we love to share those stories to inspire others who are considering a truck driving career.  The story below is a common theme we see - someone who is ready to try something different, something with better pay and more career advancement potential.  Let's get to know a little bit about Brad...

Brad has been driving for PAM Transport since July 2013 and has been giving it his all ever since. He previously worked in the food industry and was ready to try something different. He talked with family members and decided to start a truck driving career. Here's what he Brad had to say about his decision,

“Not only did trucking sound like a more exciting opportunity, but it also paid a lot better than working in a kitchen. More importantly, PAM has worked with me and my family. After my son was born I heard about the idea of a dedicated lane. This seemed perfect to get good miles and get me home each weekend to spend time with my family. I work hard for them and it feels good to get back home to appreciate what I work so hard for.”

From Brad's Driver Manager at PAM Transport:

Brad has a great work ethic and has always been an on time driver. Brad’s Driver Manager likes to brag, “I never have to worry about Brad picking up or dropping off on time. He is always very professional in every aspect of his career.  I respect the work that he does and he is a person who shows it return.”

Need A More Fulfilling Career?

Stuck in a job that just isn't going anywhere?  Take control of your life like Brad did and start a career that is incredibly rewarding.  Driver Solutions can help you get free CDL training and start a great paying job with PAM Transport

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