Getting Your CDL: Picking a Company vs. Doing It Yourself

The debate seemingly never ends.

You can’t decide whether or not to train on your own to get your CDL, or go through a truck driving company or school.

Depending on your background, one option may be more advantageous than the other.

In most instances, we recommend you get proper training at an accredited truck driving school. It’s the safest bet in getting the training and experience you’ll need to pass all your CDL tests.

Throughout the rest of this post, we compare Do It Yourself vs. Picking a Company when choosing how to get your CDL:

Do It Yourself

When you choose to get your CDL on your own, you accept the responsibility of teaching yourself not only the information you need to pass your general knowledge and endorsement tests, but also the technical skills you'll need to drive a big rig.

When It Makes Sense

In certain cases, this option makes sense. For example, if somebody grew up around or in a trucking family, they probably already know what it takes to drive a truck. While maybe lacking in technical and written knowledge, they may already have a good base of some driving skills.

Or, if somebody just wanted to add a CDL to their resumé to become more qualified for a current or prospective job, they can choose to learn on their own rather than enrolling in a structured program that would take them away from work.

One advantage to this option to doing it on your own is that you can study and train at your own pace. If you need to slow down, or take a step back to relearn something, you can do so without the pressure of staying caught up in a classroom. Another advantage is you don't have to worry about paying truck driving school tuition, which to many, can be too expensive to pay for on their own.

We feel the risks outweigh the rewards of training on your own. We suggest you don’t try to get a CDL without attending a trucking school because it can lead to pitfalls in starting your new career. Check out our 4 major pitfalls of training on your own below:

  • Lack of instructor experience
  • Experience and school reputation
  • Being successful is not just “learning to drive.”
  • More difficulties finding a job after getting a CDL

You can read more on the 4 Pitfalls of Getting Your CDL on Your Own here.

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Going to Truck Driving School

When you choose to get CDL training through a truck driving school or company, you open up a world of possibilities in terms of starting your truck driving career.

One big advantage to going to truck driving school is that it allows you to enroll in a proven, structured training format rather than learning on your own. Instructors teach you the knowledge and skills required to obtain your CDL. Some skills are extremely challenging to learn on your own, such as pre-trip inspection, backing, and parallel parking, so having an experienced instructor mentor you throughout is extremely beneficial.

But, to put it simply: truck driving school is expensive. Tuition can range anywhere from $3,000-$7,000; and, to many, that can be too much to afford. You might be wondering how can somebody attend truck driving school, without having to bear the burden of paying for it on their own?

Company Sponsored CDL Training

Well, many people are turning to company sponsored CDL training programs. A company sponsored CDL training program allows aspiring truck drivers to connect with a carrier company that will pay their truck driving school tuition, as long as they drive for that company for a contracted amount of time. The length of commitment varies by each company, but is usually around a year.

Picking a company that will sponsor your training is a win-win situation. It allows you to get the training you need to get your CDL, while setting you up with a truck driving job right afterwards.

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