The Perfect Day as a Truck Driver

What's the perfect day as a truck driver?

Think about it for a moment.  What states are you traveling through?  What music is on the radio?  What's the weather like?

Each person has his or her own answer. 

We asked some RoadWarriors (you know, the veterans of the road) to describe their perfect day behind the wheel.  Here's what they had to say...

"My perfect day truck driving... I'm driving from Detroit to South Carolina going through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina for 700 miles driving through the Smokey mountains with the sun shining and 65 degrees. I have Johnny Cash playing and eating fast food all the way. Also get to video with my wife at night." - Larry

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"Ok guys, this is coming from a PAM Mentor's view. The perfect day on the truck is a day that ends safe with no incidents and remembering to always use the SMITH system.

We're rollin through Kansas weighing 80k. Light wind and blue skies. Making some miles. Got the co-driver behind the wheel and listening to some Sirius radio. We will make our delivery and pull into the famous Johnson corner Petro and get those good cinnamon rolls. Then you just throw in the towel for the night. That's the perfect day on the road as a Mentor." - Charles

PAM Mentor Perfect Day

1900+ miles from CA to Florida
Classic rock
McDonald's fries
Not a lot of traffic and a nice night." - Deena

What's Your Perfect Day Like?

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