Passing Your Road Test & Pre-Trip Inspection

Once you are done with your CDL written test, it's on to the road test and the pre-trip inspection. Not only are these two of the most important components to have down to the T, but they can also make or break you earning your CDL license and becoming a truck driver. If you aren't able to ace both of these with flying colors, then you're going to have some trouble finishing up truck driving school.

At Driver Solutions, we spend 2+ weeks working on driving - on the range and on the road. As well as days to weeks learning and teaching the importance of the pre-trip inspection. But to do your best, you may need to do some practicing when not at school. Matt from Bonafide Trucking talks about the different ways that he helped prepare himself for the road test and pre-trip inspection that wasn't during school hours! Let's jump right in...

WATCH: Passing Your Road Test & Pre-Trip Inspection

Matt from Bonafide Trucking gives great advice on how to pass your road test and pre-trip inspection. Here are some of the tips he gives in the video:

  • Get The Family Involved - Having the support of the loved ones is most important. Matt talks about how some have their kids make the sounds for release of air brakes, pretend to be the inspector, etc. They can help you study and focus and make it more fun!
  • Take Advantage Of Opportunities - Any time you see a truck parked, use that as an opportunity to practice the outer parts of the inspection. As Matt talks about, he used to go up to the parked trucks In Walmarts and would imagine what the engine looked like. 
  • Ask Instructors - Ask the instructors if you need more time to prepare... See if you can stay after the classes are over.
  • Ask Veteran Truckers - They all want you to succeed, Matt said that truckers were parked in the parking lot next door and some of them would open the hood for them to practice while he was sleeping. 

Be sure to use all of your resources and be fully prepared once you get to this stage in your truck driving journey.

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