My First Day Trucking with PAM Transport

Getting Started with PAM Transport

Well, here we go!  Another adventure has begun after 3...almost 4 years trucking;  I have decided to become a PAM Transport driver.  I must say, I'm really looking forward to what's next and after just a couple of days, they've got me rolling with my own PAM truck.  Here's the rundown...

Watch: 1st Day Driving for PAM Transport

PAM Driver Onboarding at North Jackson, Ohio

I went to PAM driver onboarding in North Jackson, Ohio on Monday & Tuesday.  It was a pretty intense two days and I learned a lot.  One thing I always say is that no matter how long I do this, I am always learning something and I certainly learned a lot while I was there.  Overall, it went very well and at the end of the two days I was ready to roll with PAM.

Picking Up My PAM Truck

On the third day, I picked up a rental car to take to Romulus, Michigan to pick up my PAM truck.  I must say, that Romulus, Michigan PAM yard is SO easy to get in and out of.  It's really probably one of the most convenient to get in and out of that I've ever come across so far as a trucker.  As soon as you get off I-94 in Michigan, there it is right on your left hand side.  After I got my truck, it was on to Ohio for my first load.   

And Then There's My Selfie Stick

I love using my selfie stick to do these videos so I can show you all more of the background, but that dang thing broke today!  Looks like I'll have to get another one, so if you have an recommendations let me know.  Other than that, it was a great day.  

What's Next?

Things are off to a good start so far trucking with PAM Transport and I will be sharing more of my journey along the way.  I'm still getting this video thing down and have a tripod I'll be using in some upcoming episodes.  Don't worry, I'll also be sharing plenty of photos from the places I go with PAM - so come along for the ride!