PAM Transport Utilizes Technology for Improved Technician Training

In 2019, PAM Transport's Maintenance Manager, Montie Wolfinbarger, was on a mission to improve training for its technicians. He wanted more efficiency, creating quicker maintenance turnaround, less downtime, and more uptime. The result, of course, would be better-maintained equipment leading to more miles and greater pay for company drivers.   

Wolfinbarger was seeking a training module that would help its staff learn faster and better through a more convenient source. Montie also wanted to find a better way to "train technicians and track their progress to keep its shop on par with dealerships for maintenance and warranty work" (FleetOwner). After having discussions with different companies, they deciding to go through Luma, they designed a system called the Luma eNugget LMS! This system includes "a collection of more than 500 customizable learning modules, called Luma eNuggets, that cover relevant driver safety, compliance, and orientation topics with content in mixed mediums" (FleetOwner). 

Within the first months to a year, "PAM Transport has seen training efficiencies and learning outcomes improve for drivers and technicians" (FeetOwner). These include:

  • Increases in warranty recovery
  • Reductions in standard repair times
  • Elimination of paper forms
  • Career advancement

Not only has this helped many departments at PAM Transport learn and exceed in their roles, but it has also helped truck drivers significantly. With this technology, it has allowed better maintenance services with faster turnaround times - that way truckers aren't waiting for long periods of time when their truck breaks down or needs servicing! This has allowed PAM Transport to altogether be a more efficient company when it comes to many aspects of this industry.

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