PAM Transport Driver Mentor Closes In On 100th Trainee

When Chad (right hand side of picture) started truck driving school in Indianapolis over 5 years ago, he was eager to get out on the road with PAM Transport.  Now, here we are in 2016 and at the time of writing this, Chad is currently training his 96th PAM driver as a Driver Mentor with the company!  This means the 100 trainee mark is right around the corner.  That's an incredible accomplishment!

From CDL Training in Indianapolis to Driver Mentor at PAM

I caught up with Chad and his 96th trainee, Bruce, who also attended CDL training in Indianapolis and has been out on the road with Chad for about a week.  Both came through our company paid CDL training program and really seem to be having a good time out on the road together.  Bruce said he's learning a lot from Chad and can't wait to hit the road with his teammate once training is done.  He also said he'd definitely be keeping Chad's number on speed dial in case anything popped up and he needed a quick answer!

Chad & Bruce - thanks for stopping by and stay safe out there!

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