A PAM Transport Driver’s Top 3 Favorite States

PAM Transport Driver Mentor Glenn Dennis has driven through almost all of the continental United States since he started trucking.  We recently asked him to pick his 3 favorite states to travel through.  Find out which ones he picked in the video below...

Trucker Glenn's Favorite States


Arizona is a place that you can see the open desert and mountain chains. You can also see the cactus and you get the occasional tumbleweed that crosses the road.

It's a really nice, open place to see.


Much like Arizona, Texas is also a nice open state. But in Glenn's opinion, the best part of the state is when you get to Dallas. The downtown view is hard to beat.  Be sure to check it out if you find yourself in TX.


Finally, Glenn's third favorite state to travel through is Colorado. It's a beautiful state where you can see the longest mountain chain in the United States, the Rocky Mountains.

The view of the mountains, seeing the snow on top when there's no snow around you, is something else.

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