PAM Transport Celebrates 40th Anniversary

On Tuesday, PAM Transport celebrated its 40th anniversary! This is a HUGE milestone for a transportation company, and PAM is continuing full steam ahead.  

In a blog written on Tuesday, PAM outlined all the obstacles they've faced over the past 40 years. As stated in the 40th-anniversary blog post:

"PAM’s early days began in 1980 with only five used Freightliner tractors and 15 trailers, and a goal to deliver customer products safely and on time. Just four years later, our fleet grew to 100 tractors and 160 trailers. In 1986, we became a publicly-traded company and now boast over 2,000 tractors, 6,000 trailers, and over 2,400 drivers."

The blog gave a special shoutout to 3 specific employees who have been there close to the beginning; Cherrie Patty, and Judy! These 3 special ladies all started at different times, but have not gone off the path of working for PAM. That shows a lot about a company and how they treat their employees! Each of them talked about the different experiences and changes that have come and gone throughout the years, but what has stayed the same throughout these 40 years is "PAM's commitment to a positive and family-like atmosphere for both our in-office staff and drivers" (PAM Transport Blog Post 11/1/2020).

PAM Transport continues to thrive as one of the largest transportation companies! Congratulations to all employees at PAM Transport for an amazing 40 years! At Driver Solutions, we're proud to have been partners with PAM for 30+ of these years!

To read more on this milestone and check out some photos from their first years in business, read PAM Transports blog on it!