PAM Driver Mentor Celebrates 100 Trainee Milestone

Chad's PAM Trucking Career

Chad Shelton started his truck driving career over 5 years ago at our Indianapolis truck driving school.  Since then, he has worked his way through the ranks to become one of the most well respected Driver Mentors at PAM Transport. 

Recently, he completed training with his 100th new driver!  This is an incredible milestone and one that certainly deserves some celebration.  Way to go, Chad! 

Chad Over the Years

We've been able to stay in touch with Chad over the years to see how he has grown his trucking career with PAM Transport.  Whether it was team driving or running HazMat dedicated routes, he has always been ready to take on new challenges.  Let's take a look...


In 2011, we talked with Chad early on in his trucking career.  At the time he was doing team driving and running around 6,000 miles or so per week.  He shared with us what his thoughts were on PAM Transport and if he felt like he made the right decision.  Check it out below...



PAM Driver Chad Shelton

Back in 2013, we caught up with Chad as he was upgrading his 49th student to first seat driver.  At that time, he told us all was going well with PAM Transport after 3 years and he was on track to have his best year yet. 

He said the biggest thing to tell newbies is that things are going to take time.  Don't expect to start off with the best loads making the best money, but after you "pay your dues" things start to fall into place. 

Chad's Practical Guide to Stuff Truckers Need

Over the years, Chad's experience has allowed him to come up with a great guide to practical things that every new trucker needs to be comfortable and successful.  Check out this must-watch video to see some of these items...

Early 2016

And earlier this year, Chad stopped by the Indiana CDL school where it all started with his 96th trainee. We knew it would be just a matter of time until he hit the big 100 milestone at that point! 

PAM Driver Mentor

A few months later...

Fast forward a couple of months, and Chad has now trained over 100 drivers. 102 new PAM drivers to be exact!  CONGRATS Chad!  Your hard work and leadership is greatly appreciated. 

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