How to Have a Paid Working Trucker Retirement

Do you have a goal for 2020 to get into a secure career that will allow you to have a retirement plan that will actually come true?

Watch this video of Trucker G sharing how his retirement plans are now in full swing.  

WATCH: Trucker G's Retirement Plans Are Finally Coming True

Bittersweet Feeling

As you heard in the video, Trucker G and his wife are able to do their working retirement plan due to the passing of a dear family member. Our condolences and prayers go out to their family as they go through this loss. With that being said, Mrs. G was able to get back out on the road with Trucker G! They now travel the U.S. trucking with their pup along with them. This has always been Trucker G's plan, as he wanted to have a working retirement because to him he loves being a truck driver and doesn't plan to ever stop it. Of course until he absolutely can't anymore. Stay tuned for more videos and blogs about Trucker G and Mrs. G as they take on this new working retirement lifestyle, and be sure to follow their pages on Facebook: Trucker G and Mrs. G.

Looking For A New Career?

Trucking may be for you if you're looking for a secure career that will allow you to do the same as Trucker G. He was able to have truck driving as a working retirement because he loves it that much. Everyone searches for a career like that. Trucker G feels lucky that truck driving has allowed him to support his family through the years, as well as have a nice house, car, etc. If you're ready to get into a stable career where a working retirement is something that is an option, as well as being able to travel the U.S. AND get paid to do so, apply with us today!

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