Find Truck Driving Jobs with Paid CDL Training

Driver Solutions Offers Paid CDL Training

"I was actually working in a cheese factory."

"I was in a field that was kind of going downhill."

"Tired of working dead-end jobs."

"I decided I was going to try a different career."

There are a lot of reasons why people want to find truck driving jobs.  And while the reason for one person may be different from the next, there is one common theme that will always exist. That common theme is that most people simply don't have $5,000 or more laying around to pay for CDL training.  That's why Driver Solutions offers paid CDL training and help finding a truck driving job.  Watch the video for more info on how it works...

WATCH: How Driver Solutions Paid CDL Training Works

More Than Just Paid CDL Training

At Driver Solutions, we don’t just provide paid CDL training - we change lives by offering a true path to a lifelong career in trucking. In fact, in the past 20 years, we’ve helped 25,000 people begin a trucking career and it all starts with finding that first truck driving job.

What makes Driver Solutions different is our unique partnership with the top trucking companies, such as PAM Transport, to offer a one-of-a-kind company paid CDL training program. This enables our students to develop the driving skills necessary for a truck driving job without the burden of school tuition costs.  Given that some truck driving schools can cost well over $5,000 - this is a big deal.  Through the Driver Solutions paid CDL training program, in about a month, you can earn a Class A CDL and be on the road getting a stead paycheck.

The Driver Solutions Advantage

The Driver Solutions advantage means no cost tuition for truck driving school and a well-paying trucking job. New drivers can earn up to $60,000 in the first year with industry-leading benefits and great advancement opportunities available. This isn’t just job training, it’s career success plan.  Take a few moments to complete our online application today to get started.

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