Truck Driving Job Tips:  How to Organize a Semi Truck

Semi Truck Organization & Storage

2 questions that many people have when starting a new truck driving job are:

1. What does the inside of a truck cab actually look like?
2. Where am I going to store everything I need?

While space is limited in a truck, there are some simple solutions that can make life on the road more comfortable and productive.  The best way to plan ahead is to hear from someone with experience living the trucker life who also has a knack for keeping things organized...and we've got just the person for you. 

CJ Moore is a blogger for our friends over at  Not only is she committed to living a healthy lifesyle while out on the road, she also has made it a point to organize the cab of the semi truck she shares with her husband.  Here's a quick overview on how she makes it happen...

Watch: How To Organize A Semi Truck

Storage Containers

Storage containers will be your best friend on the road! Fortunately, they're pretty inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes which makes it easy to store things on the road. As you can see in CJ's video, the couple uses many storage containers in the space under the bunk to store things like dry/canned goods and bottled water, exercise equipment, and cleaning supplies. 

Truck Storage Container

The three-drawer storage containers make great makeshift closets on the road. Measure your storage space and find a drawer that will comfortably fit inside those cabinets. Then use the container to store things like t-shirts, socks, and underwear.

Mini Fridge

Many trucks come with a small compartment that a mini-fridge will fit in. Try to find a fridge the size of the cabinet in the truck and you'll be able to stow the mini fridge out of sight. CJ recommends using every single available area of storage. In this video, she shows how her and Bobby store things like paper towels, condiments, paper plates, and utensils in the same compartment as the fridge.

Mini Trucker Fridge

Command Hooks

A truck doesn't usually come with coat hooks, so another great storage hack for the road are command hooks. These come in several different sizes and installation methods. The easiest are the ones with the sticky back that adhere right to walls. CJ and Bobby use these to store things like coats, hats, and purses. Hooks are good to keep in the truck as they keep things up off the floor and out of the way.

Command Hooks


Another great way to store things on the road -- velcro! This is another good way to keep things out of the way and off the floor. CJ and Bobby use velcro to keep their blinds rolled up and behind the passenger seat. If you can dream it you can do it -- we've heard from drivers who attach one side of Velcro to the dashboard and the other side to the back of their phone. The possibilities are endless!


Additional Storage

Items like coffee makers and microwaves can be stored in the little cabinets that are found in semi trucks. These cabinets can vary in size depending on the truck model, so it's best to measure the available space and purchase a product that will fit. The TV fits on a small shelf next to the bunk.

Samsung TV


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