Organization & Storage Ideas For Semi-Trucks

Going from living in a house or apartment to living in a semi-truck, can be extremely difficult. Especially when it comes to narrowing down what's important to bring and whats not. The space in semi-trucks is limited, and not having your own personal room can become frustrating and make life on the road just a little bit harder. Well, Mrs. G is here to share her ways of making room in the semi-truck for her, Trucker G, and their two pups. 

Watch this video of Mrs. G showing how she organizes their truck. 

WATCH: Semi-Truck Organization & Storage Ideas

Adding A Shelf

  • In their truck, they have made a wooden shelf that is above their bed, this is held up by metal brackets. This helps out a lot to give them more space. Everything that they hold up their includes but isn't limited to; clothes, food, shoes, plus more!

Optimizing The Cubby Space

  • Mrs. G does a really great job of taking advantage of all of the cubby space that comes with the semi-truck. They use the top cubby space to hold most of their snack foods, adding an additional container to free up more space. In their truck they are able to use the space behind their TV as storage as well, there are a lot of little compartments in a semi-truck where you are able to hold your things.

Storage bins


  • Hooks help out a lot to clear up space, Mrs. G adds hooks to the inside to hang up hats, sweatshirts, and coats.


Closet Space 

  • They make the most out of their closet space by using extra storage bins and backpacks to condense their shower items including towels, hygiene items, t-shirts, and more.

As Mrs. G says in the video, every time they go home she cleans the truck out and things are put back in the semi a different way. But that shelf is a lifesaver and saves so much room, especially with two people and two dogs traveling in the big rig! If they can do it, you can too!

Have Other Suggestions For Optimal Truck Space?

As Mrs. G said in the video, feel free to comment on any other ideas or ways you make room in your truck for all your stuff. 

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