Welcome To The Dream Team!

#WelcomeWednesday's Are Here To Stay!

We love spotlighting new drivers each Wednesday, so we thought, why not make a blog post for the ones we have done so far. Each week we ask a new driver to tell us why they decided to get into trucking, what they're looking forward to the most, and how their experience so far has been. Here are some of the answers we have gotten back so far:

Why Did You Become A Trucker?

"The reason I chose to get my CDL is that all my life I was told I couldn’t do something. When I first brought up the idea of getting my CDL everyone laughed and said I couldn’t do it and they wouldn’t support me if I tried. 2 very important people in my life believed in me and never gave up on me. I owe to my grandparents why I am now a licensed CDL driver because of their support and encouragement I pushed through all of the struggles I was facing and accomplished something a lot of people wouldn’t have even tried. What I liked most about C1-Springfield training was that all the instructors will push you even when you think you can’t do it. They all care about each and every one and want everyone to pass! The instructors, the office ladies, and even the director become like your second family because they support you throughout your journey to becoming a truck driver!" - Monica A.

"One of the main reasons I got my CDL license was that I wanted to change my life not doing the same thing every day. Also, I wanted to see this beautiful country. I’m very grateful for Driver Solutions allowing me to follow my dreams! My favorite part about the school that I was in FTA (Future Truckers of America) was that the content was so knowledgeable. Any questions or concerns I had while I was there, they always had an answer! The instructors made it fun to learn and watch. In return, made me want to absorb like a sponge all their knowledge given to me. The hands-on training was amazing as well. My favorite part was the drive I love it! Thank you C1 Asheboro for the training you're the best! Thank you Driver Solutions for helping me achieve my dream!" - Danny T.

"I’ve only been driving for 2 weeks with my mentor. As a kid, I’ve always wanted to be a trucker after watching Smokey and the bandit, best part of the job is traveling and meeting new people, the worst part is being away from your family and friends." - Jonathan F.

"I got into trucking as a logical next step. Most of my working background is warehouse work. So I'm familiar with freight, docks, etc. My experience at FTA, in Asheboro, NC was honestly incredible. The owners and instructors were all friendly, knowledgable and helpful. But they also knew that it was a business, and not to be taken lightly, so they were strict and firm in how they enforced their rules, which I respected. What I'm looking forward to the most is having a solid career so that I can start a family. " - Jasper M.

"What got me into wanting to be a truck driver I was married for 30 years lost my wife to cancer. Would like to travel. Something I've always wanted to do but could not do it to helping take care of my wife. I can't wait to start a new adventure in my life. CDL schools very good one really enjoyed C1 Springfield thank you guys very much." - Charles W.

We would like to welcome our new members to the team! We hope you safe travels and a great time out on the open road. Thanks for all you do!

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