4 Fast Reasons Military Veterans Make Great Truckers

Making the transition from military to civilian life is tough.  And finding a new career can be even tougher. After all, where are you even supposed to begin? 

At Driver Solutions, we find the best place to start a successful military career transition is by making the most of skills that have been developed during service.

It doesn't matter if you've served in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy - you've no doubt acquired certain skills that will make you attractive to any employer, particularly trucking companies.

We find that time and time again former military veterans make great truck drivers.  In fact, often times trucking seems to be a natural fit for someone who has served in the military.  Here are 4 reasons why trucking is an excellent career choice for military veterans... 

4 Reasons Military Veterans Make Great Truckers

#1 - Military Veterans Are Used To Traveling and Adapting
Former military members are typically used to travel, so the idea of driving a truck for a living isn't too foreign to them.  It's not out of the ordinary to be called upon to navigate unknown terrain or have to sleep in a new place every night. 

#2 - Military Veterans Are Used to Being Away from Home
More often than not, military personnel are used to being away from home for long periods at a time.  Some people can spend 2-3 weeks or more out on the road and some really struggle with it...especially at first. 

Having the confidence that you can make important relationships work while not physically there is a HUGE factor in first year trucking success.  Former military definitely have an advantage when it comes to this, as most have already proven they have what it takes. 

#3 - Military Veterans Can Live & Work Well in Tight Quarters
Living and working in a truck cab takes some time for adjustment, especially if you're sharing that space with someone else.  For former military, this is an adjustment that comes much easier as most have spent time in small spaces during their service. 

#4 - Military Veterans Have Been Taught Loyalty & Teamwork
When you think military, you think loyalty and teamwork.  These traits are at the core of every branch and a big part of anyone's military success.

And the same is true with trucking...especially during the first year.  It takes some time to learn the ropes and being loyal while working well with others is how you'll be able to advance your career.  

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