3rd Quarter Message from PAM Transport President Dan Cushman

Dan Cushman, President and CEO of PAM Transport, works hard to ensure that PAM drivers not only provide top-notch service to its customers, but that they are provided with some of the best working conditions and benefits in the transportation industry, too.

If you’re wondering just how PAM is carrying out this mission, take a look at the message from Dan that was recently featured in the PAM Quarterly magazine (Vol. 1, Issue 3).

A Message from the President

“I'm glad you picked up this edition of PAM Quarterly because I wanted to share some thoughts with you. It's important you know what and how we think about you as driving professionals. As the CEO it starts with me, then our executive team and then to the rest of the company. Working to establish our place as a major player in the transportation industry our first question is always 'How does it impact our drivers?' Through our efforts, we hope you notice this in the most positive ways.

One of the first things we tackled when I arrived at PAM was to change our philosophy regarding our equipment. I'll never forget the day I was talking with one of our drivers and he told me, in no uncertain terms regarding equipment, our reputation in the industry was very poor. I hated to hear that.

Now, we have one of it if not the newest fleets in the industry; a fleet I know our drivers can be proud of. And, as I walk our yards I'm also proud because I never have to worry about asking 'How's your truck?' because every single driver has a new truck.

Terminals and Facilities
We know when you have downtime you need to rest, and you can't rest if you aren't comfortable. This has been the driving force behind our efforts to upgrade our terminal facilities and ensure they are well maintained. This is so important to us we have a standing order: 'If something is broken, get it fixed!'

When we talk about communication, we discuss the fact that we all must have our drivers' best interests in mind. We all have a job to do but we can all do our jobs in a considerate manner. We can start each and every conversation with a kind word to one another. We can always do that.

We have come a long way in making PAM Transport one of the best transportation companies in America and it starts with our driving professionals. Everything we do comes full circle. We treat the drivers special. The customers treat us special. We get special results.

I'd like to say thank you for everything that you do and please, always keep safety in the forefront of your mind!"

Daniel Cushman
President & CEO

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