Advice To Help Marriages While OTR Truck Driving

Having a healthy marriage is hard.. Marriages are just hard in general and take a lot of work. Being gone for weeks at a time can put even more stress on a marriage. 

Watch this video of Trucker G and Mrs. G sharing advice on how to help marriages while you're trucking.  

WATCH: Advice To Help Marriages As A Truck Driver

It Takes Effort & Understanding

Putting in effort towards your marriage goes both ways, as they talk about in the video. You may both be having a hard day, and understanding that yes, you're lonely when out on the road, but so are your wifes or husbands. Just being there to listen when one or the other needs to vent about their day or something that has happened can go a long way. Knowing that both of you are having a hard time not being around eachother, whether you're the one out on the road or the one home taking care of the chores, kids, etc. I give both and all of you props for being strong and working through relationships that may be strained due to truck driving. True heroes! All in all, no marriage is easy, and effort needs to be shown whether you're a truck driver or not. It is just more important when it comes to being gone for weeks at a time, to show you care about the relationship and are giving it your all, even though it's hard sometimes.

Need To Talk To Someone?

Like Trucker G and Mrs. G said in the video, feel free to reach out the them if you have any questions or are just looking for someone to talk to. You can reach out to them on their Facebook pages: Trucker G and Mrs. G.

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