What Do You Really Learn At Truck Driving School

Many will hear stories and see comments of what you learn at truck driving school, but really, what you learn may not be all you thought. In the video below, Trucker G dives a little deeper into what they really teach you at trucking school. 

Watch this video of Trucker G sharing his thoughts on what is really taught and how new truckers should be treated.

WATCH: What Can They Really Teach You At Truck Driving School?

The Misconception Of What Is Taught At Trucking School

Trucker G talks about the question that veteran truckers and soon to be students ask all the time... "What are they teaching them at trucking school?". This is because a lot of students and veteran drivers have a misconception of the way truck driving school goes. As Trucker G says, truck driving school is there to help you earn your CDL license, that is the main goal of what they are teaching you. It isn't teaching you the long hours of driving, the nights driving, the time home or the lifestyle of what being a truck driver truly entails. Even veteran drivers continue to learn things daily, you learn from the experience of what being a truck driver really is like on a daily basis.

 As Trucker G says, back in the day, you usually had to know someone to get into the industry, and now you don't. The opportunities are endless for those that dream of becoming a truck driver. You are faced daily with decisions and it is best to choose what works well for you and your family. Some may be able to pay for schooling on their own to get started, and others can't and they go with a sponsored training program. The cards are in your hands when it comes to earning that license and driving a big rig.

Trucker G has a good point in the video that talks about the ways veteran drivers act towards new truckers.  Many that have been driving for a long time were taught differently than the ways truck driving is taught today. Many truckers tear down new drivers when all they are trying to do is to better their lives, there is no reason to be knocking them down for trying to do that. This industry is tough enough that there is no need for that type of behavior out there. Truck drivers need to stick together and support one another!

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