Tim’s Unexpected Journey from Loan Officer to PAM Transport Driver

“You must know what you are working towards and always look forward.”

Words of advice from driver Tim Larson, who is one of the most recent PAM Transport success stories.

Tim is a perfect example of someone who took advantage of the opportunities presented to him. For that, he was the most recent feature story in the PAM Transport Quarterly magazine.

It Started with CDL Training

Previously a loan officer and commercial lender, Tim finally decided to make a career change after speaking with an Owner Operator about the career opportunities available at PAM Transport. So in May of 2015, he decided to enroll in CDL training with C1 Truck Driver Training in Ft. Worth, Texas through the Driver Solutions program.

A few weeks later, he was hired on by PAM as an OTR company driver. In just one year as a trucker Tim has become one of the most successful drivers in the fleet. Now an Owner Operator, he’s created a system that allows him to run his truck like it's his own business.  Here's how Tim operates...

Avoiding the Negative

One of the things that makes Tim stand out from other drivers out there is that he separated himself from negativity. In his eyes, you can’t break free from negativity if you surround yourself with it.

In his own words, “You have to separate yourself from all of the negative people, or you become one."  This couldn't be more true in truck driving. 

Save, Save, Save

Another thing Tim made a priority during his first year was saving money. He made it a point to spend as little money as possible at truck stops. Instead of buying chips, drinks, fast food, and more at truck stops, he stocks his truck with everything he needs. An added plus to this: he eats a lot healthier.

Taking Every Opportunity

Tim does his best to never have to turn a load down. And his willingness to work has paid off.

His advice: “Work harder than everyone else, and you will stand out. You will learn more and be better prepared for the next trip.”

In turn, you will start to see an increase in responsibility and reliability, because Driver Managers will know that they can count on somebody who is always willing to go the extra mile.

Where PAM's Taken Tim

Since May of 2015, Tim’s traveled the country as an OTR driver, gained great experience doing it, and advanced his career a great deal. He recently became an Owner Operator through PAM’s Lease Purchase program, and is now making more money than ever before.

He’s got a greater sense of responsibility owning a truck, and having accomplished all of this in just a year with PAM has given him a unique sense of pride in his new profession.

Start the Road to Success Now

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