Introducing the State of Trucking 2017

As a part of one of the most important industries in the United States, it's vital for truck drivers to stay on top of current industry trends. It's why Driver Solutions proudly presents the "State of Trucking 2017" infographic.

The infographic is broken down into 3 parts to easily show the current economic state of the industry, while also forecasting where it's headed into next year:

  • Economic Impact
  • Truck Driver Shortage
  • Future Forecase

Check out our quick rundown of the report below, but head on over to view the full version here.

Economic Impact

Our research found that trucking is one of the nation's largest workforces, employing more than 3.5 million drivers. In fact, in 29 states, truck driving is the most popular job.

It's an industry that keeps our way of life going.

By that, we mean that without truck drivers, we wouldn't be able to live how we want. This year alone, trucks will transport over 10 billion tons of freight. That equates to over 70% of all domestic freight tonnage throughout the country. Even more significant, that number is only expected to increase in the next year.

Truck Driver Shortage

One of the largest issues the industry currently faces is the truck driver shortage. For years, there's been an increasing need for professional drivers. The cause of the shortage can be attributed to various things, such as driver retirement and general industry turnover. Below, you can see our graph analyzing the increase in demand for drivers:

Future Forecast 

It's no secret that the driver shortage is an issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Trucking companies are getting innovative about how to combat it by improving various benefits and incentives.

Check Out the Full Infographic

See what else the State of Trucking 2017 has to say by viewing the full infographic here!

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