Important Updates In The Trucking Industry

We're starting a new weekly series where we cover the top headlines that happened each week in the trucking industry. To help you stay on track and be up to date with what's going on in the world today, be sure to check in each week for an update!

Here are the 3 most important trucking headlines we think are important for you to know:

New study reveals increase in driver pay

By American Trucker Staff

The American Trucking Association recently released data that showed driver pay has taken a large rise since the recent pandemic. "This latest survey, which includes data from more than 100,000 drivers, shows that fleets are reacting to an increasingly tight market for drivers by boosting pay, improving benefit packages and offering other enticements to recruit and retain safe and experienced drivers,” said ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello (The American Trucker Staff). As well as rising pay, it is said that many companies have been offering generous sign-on bonuses for the extra need of truck drivers during this time.

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Pay for weigh transactions with new app

By American Trucker Staff

There is an awesome new app that just came out that allows truckers to weigh their truck and then get the weights displayed on the app screen. So there is no need for them to leave the cab. They also would get a PDF emailed to them of the scale ticket. This new app was made by CAT Scale who partnered with QuikQ to continue making convenience a number one priority for the highway heroes.

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Five tips to ensure cybersecurity on the road

By Jane Jazrawy

In recent news, transportation has moved in the top 5 for most susceptible to cyber-attacks. With enough craziness going on in this world today, it is important to know five tips that can help you ensure cybersecurity while you are out over the road. Here are the five tips:

  1. Guard your treasure - keep hackers out of your facility and your computer. Put up firewalls, take different security measures, etc. 
  2. Think before you click - a lot of hackers use pop up ads or "bait" to lure you into clicking it. Once clicked, there's no telling what information that hacker may be able to get to.
  3. Risk sounding rude - a lot of times hackers like to impersonate others. Be sure to ask for some identification and even if it's uncomfortable, it's for the best.
  4. Sharing is not caring - be careful about all that you share on your social media accounts. They are a goldmine for hackers to find out everything about you, the more private you are, the better.
  5. Keep it up to date - always have the latest firewalls and systems put into place to ensure all things are working as needed. Never put your guard down.

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