Important News Happening In The Trucking Industry

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Here are the 3 most important trucking headlines we think are essential for you to know:

This list of 2020 state and local idling regulations could save truckers from a costly fine

By Ashley

The American Transportation Research Institute just recently released an updated list of idling regulations. These could save truck drivers a lot of expenses and citations. 

"This year’s list was updated in March 2020 and it provides detailed information on exactly how long you can idle, exemptions — and how much you can be fined if you violate the idling regulations" (Ashley).

The states and all their details can be found by clicking here!

First Volvo VNR Electric Truck hits the road

By Sierra Alley

Volvo recently announced their deployment of its first pilot VNR Electric Truck in California. This truck is transporting parts between dealerships in Fontana and La Mirada. "Plans for the Volvo VNR Truck were announced in 2018. The zero-admissions vehicle “represents the future of regional haul. This truck does not compromise, delivering productivity and efficiency with quality and long-haul amenities” according to Volvo" (Sierra Alley). With Volvo's first electric truck being tested on the road, they have been working on commercializing them. With electric trucks being the future of the trucking industry, Volvo will continue to compete with other companies such as Tesla and Nikola who have been testing some of their electric semi-trucks as well.

To learn more about this news and to watch the video, click here!

INFRA Grant provides $11.2 million to fund Tennessee DOT ‘Smart Fiber Project’ on I-40

By Sierra Alley

The Tennessee Department of Transportation was given $11.2 million to fund an expansion of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) technologies along interstate 40. "The Smart Fiber Project is expected to install 143 miles of fiber optic communication in Tennessee along I-40" (Sierra Alley). This includes but is not limited to cameras, dynamic signs, road weather sensors, and vehicle roadside units. This project is happening as the state hopes to better communicate with drivers as well as keep them safer on the road. This Smart Fiber Project is expected to begin in the late months of 2021 and will also prepare the roads for autonomous vehicles.

Check out more of the details about this upcoming project by clicking here!

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