3 Things that Make a Good Truck Driver Great

What’s the difference between a good truck driver and a great truck driver?

The answer to that question is a difficult one, so we asked our RoadWarriors Facebook group what they thought the difference was.

RoadWarriors Answers

  • “What makes a good driver a great truck driver? Well, it’s the driver who is patient at every move they make while driving the truck, the one who is considerate of other drivers.” - Larry McPherson

  • “Humbleness. A good driver thinks he’s great. A great driver is humble enough to think he’s good. Good or great everyone makes mistakes. It’s admitting it that separates the two.” - Eugene Marti

  • You never stop learning to be a great truck driver. Each day is a learning experience. Take advantage of that and use it should a similar situation come up again. Learn from older drivers, and never be afraid to ask for help.” - Kelli Jean Provow

Summing It Up

So, what truly separates the good from the great is having the ability to keep your head to the ground, and always be willing to learn more about trucking. As soon as you let yourself start thinking you're great, or that you're good enough as is, that's when you start to make errors in your work and regress.

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