Some Good Trucking News

Who's ready for some POSITIVE NEWS???!!! In our Facebook trucking group, RoadWarriors, we asked drivers to share some good news with us - you know something NICE. In today's world, NEGATIVE NEWS seems to consume us. We figured it was time for something different. Well, after close to 100 comments, we are not alone. As it turns out, there's so much good going on in this world that's getting overlooked. Especially in the trucking community. It's time we shine a light on it now! Take a look at SOME GOOD TRUCKING NEWS...

“I try to tip every time I go to one of my local Love's in Tom's Brook, VA for a shower, they are constantly overrun with customers all week, and I don't know if other drivers notice how much they're doing. They give me free coffee often too, a lot of truck stops do, and I really appreciate it because some days it's the only comfort I get during a stressful shift.” - Garrett C.

“A couple of weeks ago, I was tired or something, but the truck stop was packed and I couldn’t back worth a poop, even though, earlier that day I backed into a rack in a building, and six gentlemen got out and coached me through it. I felt a bit stupid, BUT I know they were all just trying to be helpful, and none of them were mean to me, so, I was grateful for their help. It meant a lot.” - Jeanine R.

“Anonymously tipped a shower cleaner $100 bill because I heard her say it was her birthday.” - John D.

“ I have a 2000 Honda Accord(my yard car)wouldn’t pass smog. I left it in front of my house to junk wife called me and asked for keys said my neighbor who used to be professional mechanic said will fix it and pass smog since I’m always on the road and when I’m home I can have time with kids ...good neighbor is a blessing.” - Hardeep G.

“My elderly massage client of 8 years spent his life in the Ministries. He told me during the session he had been diagnosed with cancer. I told him this session was on me. He and his wife are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. We prayed and I continue to pray for him.” - Susan C.

“While fueling in Prosser, Washington, a sweet lady that was doing a ride-along with her husband got out of the truck and came over to introduce herself to me. She told me that she admired what I did for a living. She paints rocks. She handed me a rock with a picture of a semi on it and gave me a hug. What a sweet lady! I keep it on the dash of my semi.” - Shell S.

Hearing all these amazing stories gives us hope that there are still good things happening in this world. If you have similar stories or ones you would like to tell us, please share by joining our RoadWarriors Facebook group!