The Importance Of Goal Setting in Trucking

Setting goals for yourself is important in every aspect of your life.
You won't know how important truck driving goals setting is until you're in your first year of your truck driving career. 

Watch this video to see what Trucker Queen Nicole has to say about setting goals during your first year...

WATCH: Goal Setting During Your First Year Of Driving

Setting Goals The First Year

Setting goals in your first year is extremely important, but setting obtainable goals is more important. Set those big goals of where you want to be in 3-5 years, but also set those small goals of things you can achieve within a few months to a year. You can set huge goals, but know that those goals will not be realistic until you get more experience under your belt. As Nicole explains in the video, many people come into trucking thinking you'll make big bucks in the first couple of months to a year, but remember, big bucks comes with experience. This is why setting those big goals that may include larger sums of money, are good to set for years out rather than months out. Set those goals to save a certain amount of $$$ per month to help you prepare for that big goal of yours. It's important to break those big goals down into ones that are more realistic. Before you know it, that goal will be reached and more!

Be Realistic With Your Truck Driving Goals

Make realistic goals, that will keep you motivated as you achieve them. As Nicole mentions in the video, a good goal for brand new truckers would be to make it past the first 3 months. If you can get past the first 3 months of trucking, you know you can get through the "startup" time and major learning curve of this career. As you gain experience in trucking, you might want to try out new things.  There are so many different options when it comes to driving, such as Solo, Team, HazMat, and Flatbedding just to name a few.

You will also want to prioritize your financial goals.  Rather than setting a general goal of getting rich, it's better to set a more measurable goal like Nicole has done.  For example, she's focused on getting some debt paid off and is able to do thanks to the trucking lifestyle.  After that, she wants to gain as much experience as possible in flatbedding that way one day she can work locally and make the money that she's wanting to make. Always know what you're getting into and stick with it as you work toward achieving those short and long-term goals.  Best of luck out there & remember to keep on truckin'!

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