Get Your Career Job in 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, we all look forward to the beginning of a new year. This is the time to set goals, start fresh, and make the changes you want to improve yourself in 2016. For some, that new year's resolution may be starting a diet or saving more money.  But for many others it's finding a new job.  But not just a regular job, a "career" job! 

A Regular Job vs. A Career Job

If you’re looking for a fresh start professionally this new year, look no further. PAM Transport doesn't have just a job opportunity, but a career job opportunity waiting for you. A lot of people think that jobs and careers are one and the same; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A job is a position where somebody goes to work almost entirely just to earn a paycheck. There’s no real room for advancement or different career opportunities. A person is oftentimes stuck in a job because of this. A career job, though, is much different. It’s a position where somebody has the opportunity to advance within a company and to achieve and sustain long term success. What kind of job would you rather have?

Find A Trucking Job Near You

First Year Opportunities

PAM Transport has plenty of first year opportunities for you in the transportation industry. When you decide to become a truck driver with PAM, they not only pay for you to get your Class A CDL, but there are plenty of opportunities for advancement such as:

  • Drive Team HazMat - Employees have the opportunity to drive HazMat freight as a team, which earns them more pay per mile than a general driver.
  • Become a Driver Mentor - Driver Mentors get paid to help new PAM drivers get real on the road experience.
  • Be an Owner Operator - Purchase a rig, and run your own business!

Why Become a Truck Driver?

Wondering why should you become a truck driver? I can give you just a few great advantages to doing so:

  • You get to see parts of the country that many people can only imagine seeing in a lifetime. Better yet, you get paid to do it too!
  • You get to be in charge of you. Out on the road, you’re in charge of the way you live and how you manage to get deliveries made on time and in a safe manner.
  • You’ll keep America rolling. If you decide to become a truck driver, you’ll be one of the few who keep this country going by providing various goods to the American people.

Get The Training You Need

One of the greatest advantages of choosing to work for PAM is its company sponsored CDL training program. It's a proven, perfected process that properly prepares you for success on the road. It allows you to get the training you need without having to worry about paying for tuition, as long as you drive for PAM for one year upon successful completion of trucking school.

What Are You Waiting For?

The chance to start fresh in 2016 is waiting for you. It's a new year, why not make it a new you too? Seize the opportunity now by clicking below to see current job openings near you!

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