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Over the course of our 25+ years in business, Driver Solutions has been committed to helping new truckers begin their career in a positive, helpful environment.  In addition to finding truck driving jobs with CDL training for inexperienced drivers, that commitment also includes giving them the tools needed to be successful out on the road.  This includes information about the trucking lifestyle; along with what to expect during the 1st year and beyond.

Partnering with Trucking Truth Just Makes Sense

This is why it makes perfect sense for us to partner with Brett Aquila from, as we both share a similar mission. is, without a doubt, one of the most trusted sites on the planet for truck drivers.  It’s positive, yet honest view of the trucking industry has helped hundreds of thousands of drivers over the years through every phase of their career.  

One of the most useful tools on the site is The Truck Driver’s Career Guide (click the link to see the complete guide).  This section of is PACKED full of information to walk you through every step of the journey from the time you're considering a career as a truck driver until you complete your first year of driving.  So without further ado, we'll turn this post over to Brett Aquila himself to tell you why this career guide was developed and how it can help you take advantage of all trucking has to offer…

Truck Driver's Career Guide

Brett from writes...

At TruckingTruth our mission is to help new drivers understand the trucking industry and prepare for a great start to their career, and the first place we send everyone is to our Truck Driver's Career Guide. Our guide is over 70 pages long and covers every aspect of a career in trucking. It begins with common questions about the industry, helps you choose a school and a company to work for, prepares you for the testing, and helps you understand the challenges you're going to face throughout that first year in the industry.   

We've found that one of the most difficult problems that new drivers face is their own expectations regarding a career in trucking. It's only human nature to try to predict the challenges that we'll face and to prepare ourselves for the difficult months of training ahead. The problem is that the trucking industry has its own unique and sometimes unpredictable ways of preparing people for this incredibly challenging career and this doesn't come as a welcome surprise to many students. Let me give you an example.

Enter Trucking with Realistic Expectations

Many people expect that CDL training will involve a relatively slow and cautious approach to teaching students how to drive, where students will be made as comfortable as possible and allowed plenty of time to learn how to shift, back up, and maneuver around town.

The truth is, this isn't how it's done. Trucking involves quite a bit of stress and requires you to adjust continuously to ever changing circumstances. You will face tight schedules, unpredictable traffic and weather, long delays at customers, and erratic sleep patterns. It's quite a difficult undertaking, but that's also what makes it so rewarding!

In training they will often expose students to challenges like difficult backing maneuvers, trips on the highway around town, and even their CDL driving test a little more quickly than they expect. This will push your development along at a faster pace, expose you to some of the pressures, and help you learn to adapt to the dynamic environment you'll be exposed to every day out there on the highway.

This is one aspect of training that a student's expectations may conflict with the reality of life in the trucking industry. When students feel like they're being rushed through training instead of being eased along at a gentle pace they begin to form negative opinions of their training. They may begin to believe they have trainers that don't care, they're being set up to fail, or they've chosen the wrong company to train with.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

The training in this industry is designed to develop your driving skills and to prepare your mind to handle a very demanding job in an ever changing environment. Life on the highway doesn't happen at a slow, comfortable pace and it isn't predictable. It happens quickly and it's very unpredictable.

You have to be able to adjust, think quickly, and handle the pressures with a calm and clear mind. This is why the training is done the way it is, and why it's so effective. You will be prepared from day one to thrive in this career, which means handling that rig and handling the pressures that go along with it.

Our Truck Driver's Career Guide will help you understand what to expect when you decide to take a shot at a career in trucking. The more research and preparation you do before you begin your schooling, the better your chances of success. Don't be taken by surprise, confused by the training methods, or overwhelmed by the challenges. Prepare yourself thoroughly for a great start to your trucking career with our truck driver's career guide.
~ Brett Aquila

Take Advantage of this Resource

We encourage all of our new CDL training students, and anyone considering trucking for that matter to take the time to read through this career guide.  Not only will this greatly help you prepare to enter the trucking industry, it will also help you navigate just about anything your faced with during life on the open road. 

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