Finding Freedom on the Open Road

July 4th marked the 240th celebration of the United States’ independence.

It’s a time for us to reflect on all those that sacrificed for us and to celebrate the freedoms that we’re so fortunate to have.

With that being said, have you considered starting a new career that gives you freedoms that other jobs don’t?

PAM Transport Trucking Jobs

That’s right, we’re encouraging you to make a career change for the better by becoming a truck driver. Stop dreading walking into a 9-5, Monday through Friday desk job that doesn’t get the bills paid or challenge you to do your best.

A PAM Transport trucking job, however, does just that. With it comes a new challenge every day. No trip is the same, and you have to be prepared and alert to operate one of the world’s most powerful machines.

Freedoms of Truck Driving

To put it simply: a PAM Transport trucking job gives you freedoms that other jobs just don’t.

For one, and it’s one of the bigger advantages of trucking, is that it gives you the freedom of the open road. You’re literally getting paid to travel the country, and see things and places that many people can only dream of (while they’re sitting behind a computer).

Check out some of the views our drivers are getting because they made the career change they've been looking for:

(Photo courtesy of Brian Spaulding)

(Photo courtesy of Wayne Cragg)

(Photo courtesy of Wayne Cragg)

These views are hard to beat, as well as hard to come by, unless you're behind the wheel of a big rig.

There's More than Just the Views

On top of the freedom you get to see every corner of the country, you also have the freedom of being your own boss. As a truck driver, you’re in charge of planning trips, meals, fuel stops, and more, all while making sure your freight gets to its destination on time and in a safe and efficient manner. It’s a freedom that will challenge you in ways you’ve never been challenged before.

Your Freedom Starts with an Application

Driver Solutions can help you get the CDL training you need to become a truck driver.  Start your career now and you could be on the road making up to $50,000 in just the first year!  Just take a few moments to complete our online driver application now

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