Drury Hotel Announces BIG Trucker Discount

Truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to get shipments there on time or even before the scheduled delivery dates. With this being said, travel has become more tedious for them with all of the restrictions due to COVID-19. Food, parking, and even places to stay have become rare to find, but one hotel chain is showing just how much they appreciate truck drivers with their new discount! 

Watch this video of Trucker Wayne sharing his thoughts on the Drury Hotel Chains' newly announced discount for truck drivers.

WATCH: Trucker Wayne's Reaction To Drury Hotels' Recent Announcement

Truckers Deserve This Kind Of Deal Everywhere

Amongst the craziness of the Coronavirus, one hotel chain has gone out of its way to show just how much they appreciate truck drivers and all they have done for us during this pandemic. The Drury Hotels recently announced over the weekend that 150 of its locations around the U.S. will have a special discount for truck drivers. This discount includes rates as low as $59 per night. Yes, you read that correctly.. $59! Plus, TWO grab-and-go meals are provided with the night's stay.

Not only does this give truck drivers a different place to stay, but it also guarantees that they will have food to eat. For many truckers just like Trucker Wayne, they may not have gone home for weeks even months now! Giving them a different, cheap option for a new place to sleep other than their truck might be just the thing they need. As well as providing them with two meals instead of them ordering delivery from GrubHub, UberEats, etc. helps them not only save money but time as well.

Semi Truck Parking Offered

Semi-truck parking has taken a big toll on many truck drivers. As Trucker Wayne says in the video, many truck drivers spend around $18 a night just to park to sleep then head back out again. Drury Hotels' have free parking, with most of them having parking lots big enough for semi-trucks. Making the decision for truck drivers to treat themselves an easy one with the offer including a night in a nice hotel for sleep, TWO meals, and free parking for the awesome price of $59! Now, who could pass that up! Plus, truck drivers have been the highway heroes, not only during pandemics but always, you deserve to treat yourself to a nice stay every once in a while. Especially now during these crazy times. This discount is running through June 2020 so be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Click here to find out more information and see all of the Drury Hotel locations around the U.S. And as always, stay safe and #ThankATrucker today!