4 Reviews that Prove CDL School Is Worth It

Driver Solutions' goal is to create a positive and productive experience for each new truck driver who completes our CDL school training program. We're committed to monitor and improving the process with each new class. One way we do so is by asking for reviews.

Feedback and reviews from drivers allow us to make the extra effort in areas where we may have fallen short and recognize members of our staff for a job well done. We just received some new reviews and we're really excited to share them with you. See what they had to say below...

Driver Solutions Student Reviews

"The experience was great. I enjoyed my time there and teachers were great at their job, explaining in the most helpful way. I thank you and your team and the company for accepting me and teaching me sir, I appreciate it very much. Continue the great work and I hope more come to your school and pass the word along. Thanks once again and stay bless." - Shavar King

"I had an awesome experience! The school in Tampa is awesome and I recommend it to anyone. Everyone I've talked to at Pam has been nice and polite. I can't wait to get started with OTR training with my Driver Mentor" - Joshua Manning

"Excellent staff, very knowledgeable. Great equipment. Classroom days are good. Everything was just as described." - Joe Winder

"C1 Trucking claimed to be the best at what they do, and I saw nothing to prove to me otherwise. They were upfront with their expectations, clear in their delivery of instruction, and patient with the students." - Wesley McCauley

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