Introducing Driver Solutions’ RoadWarriors Program

Driver Solutions is giving truckers an opportunity unlike any other - the chance to receive cash & prizes for helping the next generation of America’s drivers.

What Is The RoadWarriors Program?

The Driver Solutions RoadWarriors program is designed to encourage truck drivers to share their experiences on the road with others. Truckers get to do something that most others do not: they get paid to travel this beautiful country. Along the way, they see some of America’s most memorable sights, learn valuable lessons and become the main character in their own unique story. The RoadWarriors program allows them to be rewarded for sharing their photos, words and videos with others.   

We’ll work with those selected to help give the next generation of truckers a firsthand look at life on the road. But that’s not all! Sharing your experiences will not go unrewarded. You’ll be eligible to win cash and prizes along the way.

Ready To Become A RoadWarrior?

  • Go here and complete the short form to let us know you’re interested
  • Be on the lookout for an email with your first mission

Should you choose to accept this mission, you will be eligible to be our first ever Warrior of the Week! The winner this week will receive the BlueTiger Bluetooth Camo Edition Headset (valued at $180)!

The BlueTiger Bluetooth Camo Edition Headset includes: 

  • 50 hours of talk time
  • 1000 hours of standby
  • Hi-Fi Speaker
  • Noise-cancelling headphones

BlueTiger Camo


This is a must have item on the road!

Sign up today to be a RoadWarrior, win big, and share your story!