Does Free CDL School Really Exist?

Let's be honest: truck driving school is flat out expensive.

Many truck driving schools across the country can charge upwards of $6,000 in tuition, and not everybody has the means to pay that kind of money for CDL school.

What is company sponsored CDL training?

Company sponsored CDL training is a unique training program that connects aspiring truck drivers with trucking companies that will sponsor them to get their Class A CDL. What that means is the company will cover your upfront CDL school tuition as long as you agree to drive for them for an agreed upon amount of time afterwards.  Then, you simply pay back a smaller portion of your training during the first year.

Driver Solutions can help you get enrolled into this type of program. Having partnered with PAM Transport for over 25 years, we’ve helped get over 25,000 people the start in trucking they need.

Better yet, you’re actually getting 2 great opportunities out of this: not only do you get to train for your Class A CDL without the upfront tuition costs, but you'll also have a job opportunity waiting for you upon successful completion of CDL school.

Job Opportunity

There are currently various PAM Transport job opportunities available. Taking advantage of one of these opportunities is the best way to get the career you’ve always wanted rolling.

PAM is truly dedicated to making its drivers successful. Even in your first year of truck driving, PAM offers career advancement opportunities that not only help build experience with various types of trucking, but also helps increase your income.

In just your first year on the road, you can:

  • Drive Team HazMat - Get a HazMat endorsement, and run with a teammate, and you’ll be making more per mile than those without an endorsement. Even if you’re freight isn’t HazMat, you’re still paid more per mile!
  • Become a Driver Mentor - Train new PAM drivers, and give them real world trucking experience.
  • Become an Owner Operator - Through PAM’s lease-purchase program, you can purchase your own rig, and be your own boss on the road.

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