COVID-19 – How to Support Your Trucker During Coronavirus

Truck drivers are really important and under a lot of pressure during this Coronavirus pandemic. Supplies are on high demand right now and with the law about hours of driving being canceled, they are feeling the pressure, even more, now. 

Watch this video of Mrs. G sharing her thoughts on the best ways to show your trucker support during this time. 


Truckers Need All The Support They Can Get Right Now

The status of the Coronavirus changes rapidly and when it will all be over is unknown, which can add more stress to truck drivers. Right now, truck drivers are one of the most important industries in the country. With that weight on their shoulders, it is very easy for them to become stressed out and it is very important for their significant others to be supportive during this time. As Mrs. G talks about in the video, most drivers will be running harder than they ever have before. This can make them more tired, stressed, and busier with less time to talk to you. Do what you can and don't take it to heart when they aren't able to talk or FaceTime as much anymore, or if they get a little snippy on the phone. Or if they aren't able to come home like they were supposed to because they are too scared that they may have been exposed to the COVID-19 and don't want to spread it to you all. It may be hard at times, especially when you are home alone/without them, but the only thing that is going to help them get through this is knowing that you have their backs and support them through it all. During this time, supporting your trucker is your most important responsibility. Just be there for them and don't make it any harder than it already is. We can all get through this!

Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. G if you have any questions or need advice - her Facebook page can be found here!