Trucking: Charlie’s Thoughts After 1 Year

Ever wonder what the 1st year of trucking is like? Watch the video below as Trucker Queen, Charlie shares her thoughts from the 1st year behind the wheel.  
In this video, Charlie shares all of the ups and downs that she's gone through over the past 12 months.  

WATCH: Charlies Thoughts After 1 Year Of Truck Driving

Challenges During Your First Year As A Truck Driver

One year ago, two sisters set out on a crazy life-changing journey. It just so happened that Nicole, Charlie's sister, applied for CDL Training School THE DAY BEFORE Charlie did! Nicole called Charlie up and asked her to come along for the ride without knowing that Charlie had applied as well. It was the perfect plan to go to truck driving school together and then hit the road as a team. As Charlie talks about in the video, throughout this year there has been a lot of challenges and great moments, and she wouldn't have had it any other way. Charlie talks about all of the obstacles that they have been through but says she loves truck driving and wants potential truckers to know that the good outweighs the bad.

Now that Nicole has moved on to flat bedding, Charlie has brought her dog on board with her for some company. Many and most companies let you have a dog on board with you, and all who ride with their pups, suggest that others do so. As you can see from the video, Charlie and Nicole had some great times together. Are you ready to hit the road running toward your new truck driving career?

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