Celadon Bankruptcy & Fraud - What Now For Drivers?

This is the hardest news to hear especially so close to the holidays. Our hearts go out to all of the Celadon employees who just found out this past weekend that their company has filed for bankruptcy and they are now without a job.

Celadon Files Bankruptcy

The Indianapolis-based company filed bankruptcy on Monday, December 9th and will be closing immediately. Celadon drivers are being told to leave their trucks at the nearest truck stop and to find a way back to their hometown. The file for bankruptcy came after two former executives were charged for a $60 million dollar fraud scheme. This fraud led to the bankruptcy that now leaves 3,000+ drivers and 1,300+ administrative workers without jobs, right before the holidays. Some truck drivers were left with their gas cards already shut off, giving them no other option than to stay at the truck stop they're at. Those that were near bus stations are getting their tickets paid for, but those not lucky enough, have to try and find a different way to travel back to their home state.

With all that being said, the truck driving community has certainly come together at this time. Many truck drivers have reached out and offered to give those Celadon truckers a ride back home so they wouldn't be stranded. Many trucking companies are offering Celadon drivers who have lost their job with a new opportunity.  During such a rough time, it is nice to see those from all types of different companies and competitors come together to help those in need.

How Driver Solutions Can Help

Jobs for New & Experienced Drivers
Driver Solutions is here to help ALL Celadon drivers. Whether you're a recent grad or a driver with several years of experience, we have truck driving jobs open for you. These positions come with several different options including; great pay and home time. Just take a moment to complete our online application today!

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Full-Time & Part-Time CDL Instructor Positions
We also have jobs for anyone who is looking to become an instructor at one of our partner schools, C1 Truck Driver Training. If you're interested in becoming a CDL instructor, you can apply on the C1 Truck Driver Training website here.  

We hope all those involved find a fast solution and are able to make it back home safe & sound!