CDL Training: Getting One Step Closer to Your Dream

Terrell had a dream of becoming a truck driver.  He set a goal to make it happen and never gave up.  No matter how long it took or what was thrown his way.  It’s because of his mindset, along with his patience that he was able to succeed. Read what Terrell and others have to say about their journey below..

Terrell's Testimonial

Terrell (pictured above) recently graduated from CDL school, completed his on the road training with his PAM Transport mentor, and upgraded to a first seat driver. His testimonial is further proof that when you stay patient and strive to reach your goals, anything is possible.

"This is a childhood dream come true. I am blessed, and the last few months have given me the opportunity to live out a dream I never thought could ever happen...

To all those that are still going through the process, be patient and humble. The ability and the opportunity to get your Class A CDL can be a great thing. Good luck to all and I hope to see you all out there somewhere.”

What Others Have to Say

CDL_Training_StudentsTerrell isn't the only recent graduate with encouragining words to share. See what the others have to say too:

"Good group of instructors. You're given the tools for success and there's no secret that it'll be up to you to achieve it. You'll only get as far as you're willing to work to get.” - Nathan Harris

"I was not sure if I could even get my CDL, however, all the instructors taught me everything I needed to know and I owe them my life. If it weren't for the inspiration of all the instructors there, I wouldn't have my CDL today. They gave me the knowledge and the motivation to help me get through this.  I just wanted to thank you all for giving me the help I needed. You all are truly an inspiration to others." - Christopher York

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