CDL Training: Turning Your Dreams into Reality

As is true in almost any aspect of life, it’s those that stay patient, keep their eyes on the prize, and never give up that achieve their dreams. When it comes to working and a career, it’s those that can turn their passions and dreams into their jobs that end up the happiest.

For many, becoming a truck driver isn’t thought of as possible because of the expenses that come with paying for truck driving school tuition. However, with company sponsored CDL training programs, people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get the training they need are now able to turn their driving dreams into reality.

It’s because of company sponsored training that Terrell Hurst, like thousands of others, is able to finally live out his lifelong dream of becoming a professional truck driver.

Terrell's Testimonial

Terrell Hurst PAM Transport

Terrell recently graduated from CDL school, completed his on the road training with his PAM Transport mentor, and upgraded to a first seat driver. His testimonial is further proof that when you stay patient and strive to reach your goals, that anything is possible.

“I upgraded to a first seat driver yesterday. This has been everything I’ve ever dreamed of. This is a childhood dream come true. I am blessed, and the last few months (from the time I entered C1 truck driver training) have given me the opportunity to live out a dream I never thought (in a million years) could ever happen. I would also like to point out that sometimes something worth having ( a Class A CDL, and the experiences I’ve had the last few months) you have to wait for, and the best will come. As said in one recent movie, ‘It will all be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end!’

I would also like to say thanks to everyone that has had a part in getting me where I am today. To all those that are still going through the process, be patient and humble. The ability and the opportunity to get your Class A CDL can be a great thing. Good luck to all and I hope to see you all out there somewhere.”

What’s Holding You Back?

There’s no better time than now to get on your way to a career in trucking. Turn your dream of becoming a truck driver into a reality by applying with Driver Solutions today!

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