Can You Get CDL Training For Free?

Can You Get Free CDL Training?

What’s the secret to getting CDL training for free? Let’s be honest, truck driving schools are businesses and they have to make money. So schools charge a fee for tuition. But what if I told you there is a way to get CDL training without paying the full cost? It’s true!

While it isn't complete "free," Driver Solutions offers a program where you'll only pay a small portion for your education.  And better yet, the trucking company will cover the upfront tuition costs, so you'll pay back just a small amount over time. 

Forget Tuition Reimbursement & School Loans!

The end game for getting a CDL is finding a well-paying job, right? So Driver Solutions decided to bring together trucking companies willing to cover the upfront costs. What’s the catch?  All you need to do is drive for the trucking company for one year and they'll cover most of the tuition costs!

Pay For CDL Training

Trucking Companies That Sponsor CDL Training

If you’re looking for trucking companies that offer training, check out PAM Transport. This is a national OTR carrier with the reputation of helping truck drivers begin well-paying careers.  Your commitment is to drive for the trucking company for 1 year after school.  Driver Solutions helps folks begin new trucking careers, let us see how we can help you take the wheel of your future.

Ready To Hit The Road?

Take control of your future and open the door to a promising truck driving career! The Driver Solutions CDL training program comes at a very low cost to you when you drive for one year with a sponsor company like PAM Transport. To get started, just take a few minutes to tell us about yourself on our online application.  Upon submitting your application, you'll be able to instantly schedule a time to speak with a representative about training and career options in your area. 

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