CDL School Tips from a Trainer

Recently, we’ve posted tips and tricks of the trade from students and recent graduates to help give you an honest and completely real perspective of how to survive, and thrive, in CDL school.

We want to take this a step further, and offer up some tips from some of our CDL trainers. Who better to get advice from than the people actually training you to get your CDL?

The rest of this post focuses on one of the biggest tips from our trainers here at Driver Solutions: staying focused.

Don’t Lose Focus

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up on the things going on around you. That applies on the road, and off.

It’s easy to get distracted with a lot of outside things. Perhaps it’s being in a new city or area where your school is located, or missing your friends and family back home, or other students who may not have the same drive as you.

No matter what though, you have to remember why you’re there in the first place: to get that Class A CDL, and be on your way to starting a new career as a truck driver.

Focus on the Road, Share It Too

It's especially important to stay focused during the summer when more people are on the road than ever.  People will cut you off and do things around you that you do not agree with. Don’t allow yourself to lose focus of what you’re doing.

Back in May, we blogged about the Share the Road driver awareness campaign. Put on annually every May, the campaign aims on raising awareness with a spike in travel. Organizations often share great tips for motorists to help everybody stay safe.

Here's just a few of our tips below:

  1. Avoid Blind Spots
  2. Pass Trucks with Caution
  3. Don't Linger Near the Truck
  4. Don't Cut Trucks Off
  5. Allow Space Between Trailer and Curb

Check out our post to see the rest of our safety tips!

Stay focused, share the road, and before you know it you'll be on your way to CDL success. Make sure to stay tuned next week for another installment of CDL School Tips.

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