Hidden Benefits of PAM Transport Truck Driving Jobs

Truck Driving Jobs Have Hidden Benefits

Truck driving jobs with PAM Transport offer many perks to new drivers - great pay, best-in-class benefits, as well as plenty of incentive and advancement opportunities.  But there are some hidden benefits as well.  

PAM Transport truck driving jobs mean getting paid to travel this beautiful country while delivering freight safely and on-time. By getting paid to travel, drivers are able to do and see some very cool things that they otherwise wouldn't.  Watch the video to see Scott explain what we mean...

Watch: Enjoying The Benefits of Truck Driving Jobs

Living the Trucker Life

In the video above, PAM Transport truck driver, Scott, talks about planning something fun to look forward to while working a truck driving job.  He shares an example on how he was able to see the Dallas Cowboys play the Indianapolis Colts in Texas (photo at top of this post was taken at the game) because of the way he was able to communicate with his Dispatcher/Driver Manager to make it all possible with his routes.  As he says in the video, the beautiful thing is that he was paid to drive there, the company covered the gas and he was able to check out a great game (if you're a Dallas Cowboys fan, they won 42-7) that he otherwise wouldn't have been able to attend. 


Not only was Scott able to see his favorite football team play live, he was also able to see his favorite baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals, play on opening day in 2015.  Here are the thoughts he shared with us about that experience:

"Trucking truly is what you make it. By that I mean, you can just get caught up in the running around from stop to stop, same old thing day in and day out… Or, you can do what I just did and stop by here in St. Louis, Missouri to watch my Cardinals play opening day against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Now, to make that happen I knew where I was routed and figured out how far I had to go each day the last 2 days. I worked out my delivery times to get here just in time to see the game so I could enjoy my favorite team in baseball, 11-time World Series Champions - St. Louis Cardinals."

Opportunities in Truck Driving Jobs

When it comes to truck driving jobs, there are opportunities everywhere.  Whether it's career opportunities to advance within a company or opportunities to experience things in life you might not ever be able to do otherwise - it's all there for the taking!  It's just a matter of getting started and making the most of every day while out on the road. 

How To Get Started

That's where Driver Solutions comes into play.  We can help you find PAM Transport truck driving jobs in your area and arrange for you to go to a free truck driving school to get the training needed to begin a new career as a professional trucker.  The first step is simple.  Just take a few moments to tell us a little bit about yourself by completing our online application.  This doesn't commit you to anything, but it will allow you to schedule a time to speak with a representative from Driver Solutions about truck driving jobs in your area.

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