Why Do You Want To Become A Truck Driver?

Why do you want to become a truck driver?

One simple question.  So many different answers. 

While several answers can be grouped into categories such as: love to drive/travel or want more freedom; each person has his or her own unique story. 

We recently asked a group of newbies and veterans of the road to share their reasons for wanting to become truck drivers. Here's what they had to say...

"To me becoming a truck driver is like getting paid to see the country. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I make good money doing what I do, and enjoy training students so they to can have a good career. I'm happy to say I'm financially independent. New drivers coming in, I'm proof you can make money if you stick it out." - Rich

"Anything I do in life I take very seriously.  Being married to my wife, being a father to my children and my job why raising two kids my wife and I went to college to better our education. She got a Bachelor's in English education and I have an Associate's in business management plus I worked at being an EMT training. I chose trucking because of its excellent pay and another good way to provide for my family.

I take everything I do very seriously and strive to be the best at everything I do.  I am not concentrating on being the best truck driver I'm concentrating on being the best husband and the best father." - Nicholas

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"I am an empty nester. Grandma of 2, mother of 2. I want to prove to myself and others age is in your mind. I'm going to rock this. I am 54 years young and ready to roll." - Deena

"I want something better for my son and wife. I want my son growing up and looking at me and saying, 'Daddy, I'm proud of you.' My son and my wife are my motivation. I will do anything to better their lives. Family is everything to me. That's why I wanted to become a truck driver: to make my family's life better." - Logan

"I've wanted to do it for quite some time now. Trucking is in my blood. My grandfather was a trucker for 53 years before he died of cancer. I hope he's jumping up and down for joy knowing his grandson is following in his footsteps. I also want to see the country. I'm an aspiring photography enthusiast so this will also help sharpen this talent as well. Well that's my story. Y'all have a blessed day." - Jess

"I've been searching for a new career for a few years now. I have considered getting my CDL before, but was never brave enough to make the jump.  I am so excited to have a job I'll love and be able to support myself, as well as see new places and things!" - Melinda

"It seems I have always had diesel fuel running through my veins. My father was a truck driver his entire career. I've always loved to drive...anything. The feel of a diesel motor, the sound of it, traveling somewhere new each day. The independence that being over the road provides, not to mention the challenges that driving presents. My former husband is an over the road driver. I have been in the truck, out weeks at a time and always enjoyed it. I jumped at the chance to go. The time is right for me to jump into a truck and drive. My daughters are grown so I have very few 'at home responsibilities.' The money potential is also a plus for me. I have no desire to attend college at my ripe ol' age of 53, and in the past have worked a steady factory job and hated every minute of it! So, I think that I qualify to be the next top trucker!" - Sue

"A year ago I was diagnosed with graves disease with storm. I went paralyzed and was close to death. Not sure why it happened to me, but I feel like I had almost worked myself to death doing construction. I never slowed down to appreciate life. When I was young, I was a Class B driver and after I got sick I thought about the good times I had on the road. So I'm thinking this is going to be a new beginning for me. My medications are working and my doctor and myself are hoping for a full remision from this disease; and, I believe the freedom of the road will take me to that next step in my life where I will find financial freedom without torturing my body and mind. Hopefully soon I can free myself."  - Jeremy

"It's a job that takes you away from the norm, especially if you're OTR (Over the Road). I remember seeing all kinds of landmarks while visiting rest stops. If you're a person that likes to travel, trucking may be for you." - Benjamin

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