3 Things to Do to Be a Better Truck Driver

How do I become a better truck driver?  What can I do to make more money & get more miles?

If you're considering a truck driving job, of course, you want to be good at it!  In this post, Trucker Wayne gives you 3 things to do to be a better, more successful truck driver.  

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Quit Complaining

Just like anything in life, your attitude makes a big difference in the way you perform and trucking is no different.  If you're angry, frustrated and complaining - you aren't going to be driving your best.  

Get 1 Year of Experience with a Clean Record

In the beginning, trucking is all about learning and getting your 1 year of experience in the industry.  With the help of Driver Solutions and PAM Transport, you can get your career going and open up doors to all kinds of opportunities in this industry.   I am 6 years in and I've been able to work all types of jobs in this industry making great money.

Find Your Niche

The great thing about driving for PAM Transport is that you can quickly find your niche in the trucking industry.  That's right, in just the 1st year you'll be able to try things such as driving a Dedicated Route, becoming a Driver Mentor and even exploring Owner Operator opportunities.  This will allow you to find the career path that's right for you.  

Find a Trucking School Near You

Just like we helped Wayne get rolling, Driver Solutions can help you get the CDL training you need to become a truck driver.  Just take a few moments to complete our online driver application now and we'll work to find a trucking school near you. 

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About The Author

Wayne got his start in trucking by going through the Driver Solutions company-sponsored CDL training program back in 2012.  Since then, he has traveled over 300,000 safe miles and counting! After seeing his photos and reading about his adventures, we knew we had to share them on our blog. Join Wayne on his journey for a first-hand look at life on the road!

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