Arkansas Truck Driver Jobs- Trucking In The Natural State

Arkansas for me is the meeting place of the West, East and South. It's the route to Little Rock, where I-40 beckons you to the East coast and Wilmington, North Carolina. It also can challenge you if you really want to head towards the West and the desert of Barstow, California where I-40 ends. It's also home to C1 Truck Driver Training - Little Rock; one of the top truck driving schools in Arkansas.

If you're lucky enough to live in or close enough to Arkansas, you know that it's the gateway to Dallas, Texas. As well as the gateway to the most beautiful part of Arkansas (in my opinion) the northwest, where I-49 turns into US-71. I've been lucky enough to drive the highlands of Arkansas on many occasions delivering to Lowell. If you are going to truck driving school in Little Rock, at some point after getting your CDL you'll be able to experience the best of what "The Natural State" has to offer.

Trucking Through Arkansas

If you got into trucking for the promise of a different view from your office window, Arkansas is definitely a place to start. You can start with the lowlands of Arkansas, bordering Mississippi and Texas. I'm sure I-30 and the history of Texarkana should peek your interest. I'm so old I believe I remember Elvis, Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash all playing in Texarkana. Well, I'm not that old, but I have certainly read about the rich history of this area.

One of my favorite areas to run is I-49 north toward Lowell. I-49 north eventually turns into US-71 and oh my, the beauty of this route is nothing short of spectacular. For me personally, a route through this area is a huge reason I got into trucking 3 years ago. I had traveled extensively before I got my CDL, but I hadn't really seen the wonders of the United States until I turned that key, heard the sound of nearly 500hp, shifted into 3rd gear and ran down the road with my first load. The Arkansas area and Little Rock was where I delivered my 2nd load.

Lessons Learned As A Trucker

I learned a valuable lesson on my 2nd load. ALWAYS, always call your shipper and receiver to verify directions to their locations. Or at the very least, take advantage of your carriers electronic help in getting to your destination. Many trucking companies now offer help themselves with messages that other drivers have given to make your journey to shipper and receiver easier. Heck, I've found picking up loads and delivering them can be the most stressful part of any load, if you're unfamiliar with both. A newbie can really be stressed trying to find places. Use every available asset you have to make this easier.

Going to Arkansas Truck Driving School

Truck driving school in Arkansas is a great place to start your new journey.  An Arkansas trucking job usually starts with a realization that the job you're currently in, isn't cutting it. Is the first year of trucking a challenge? Of course it is. The first year makes or breaks our future truckers of America. I can assure you, if you make it past your first year, trucking is fun! It truly is. Your stress level lowers, the loads thru places like Northwest Arkansas and the highlands will make you wonder why you didn't break your chains from the truly mundane daily shop job earlier.

I was once on a load West on I-40, passing thru Little Rock, not knowing what was ahead of me. Living on a hope things will and could get better. It did get better. In fact, it got great. Cruising through Arkansas made me realize that trucking may not have been in my blood, but thru a transfusion of technical know how from truck driving school and Driver Solutions, my dreams came true.