50 Year Trucker & Vietnam Veteran Gets Dying Cancer Wish

Driver Solutions was honored to partner with Trucker G in pulling off one final semi ride for Stage IV Cancer Patient, James (Jim) Garhart.  You see, James is someone who dedicated his life to the trucking industry.  He's also one of the brave individuals who served our country.  That's right, this Vietnam Veteran and 50-year truck driver gave his all to our great nation and it was the least we could do to put a plan in place to grant one of his final wishes - to ride in a semi-truck again!  Watch the ride in the video below to see how heartwarming this moment was for Jim, his wife, Trucker G and Mrs. G.  

WATCH: 50 Year Trucker Veteran with Stage IV Cancer on Final Semi Ridealong

How Did the Semi Ride Come About?

The ride all began with this post on our RoadWarriors Facebook group, from James' wife, Connie:

"Good morning to all my fellow truckers and woman truckers I and my husband James Garhart live in Duncan NE he has a terminal I'll cancer he was driving up until June 29 the of this year he was in a really bad semi-truck accident. He is asking any trucker's out there can come and give him his last wish is to go for a semi-truck ride if anyone would be so kind heart to answer his wish before he passes on as his wife I would really appreciate it May God be with you all and your family." - Connie Garhart

Upon seeing the post, Driver Solutions reached out to Trucker G and Mrs. G to see if we could make this ridealong happen.  Being the amazing people they are, the wheels were already in motion to get Trucker G on his way to Nebraska to pick up James.  

“I called Cargill to see if they had a load to Nebraska. I thought, ‘If they don’t have a load, I’m dropping this load and deadheading,'” Trucker G said.

Fortunately, Trucker G was able to work with his company to get routed nearby so he could swing by James and Connie's home in Duncan, NE to pick him up for a ride.  It was like the stars were aligned and it was meant to be! 

When they arrived, James was brought out to the truck in a wheelchair. “It took every bit of his energy to climb into the truck but he was determined,” Trucker G said.

Once James was in the big rig, Trucker G joked around saying he would drive him all the way to California if he wanted, but when we asked Trucker G he said “We took it easy. We went out about 8 miles and I could tell Jim was getting tired. He said, ‘There’s a truck stop up ahead.’ I knew that was my cue that Jim was ready to head back.”

Trucker G said it was a very emotional, moving experience for him that he felt so honored to be able to do. “I just kept trying to talk and swallow down the lump in my throat. This wasn’t about my emotions — this was about Jim’s ride.”

On top of that, we were able to partner up to give James and his family a nice donation to help ease some of the financial burdens during this difficult time. Watch the video above if you haven't already to see how James enjoyed the ride...and even taught Trucker G a thing or two about trucking!

The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Trucking

Friends, this is what truck driving is all about!  Trucking is an industry where people come together to serve the needs of others.  This is a perfect example of the spirit that the trucking industry was built upon.  It was our honor to play a small part in making this happen for James!