5 Truck Driving Personalities to Follow

If you are considering trucking, you may be wondering what it's like to live the life of a professional driver. 

Well, these 5 trucker celebrities each have their own unique view of the trucking world.  Everything from entertainment to healthy living tips - it's all here. 

Learn more about each personality and how you can connect in our Top 5 list below!

5 Trucking Personalities to Follow

1. Allie Knight

  • Allie describes what she does as, "I explore the country looking for freight, earning an honest living doing the kinds of driving that make civilized life possible for the rest of us." She asks everybody to join her on an epic journey throughout the US with Herschel, her now retired International, Frankenstein, new old Freightliner, Tom, her GPS, and her cat, Spike. Allie updates her YouTube channel daily, and you can see her entire website here!

2. Todd McCann

  • Todd runs the trucker podcast/blog called "Trucker Dump." Todd describes it as "the dumping ground for my thoughts on truck driving, trucking jobs, and the trucking industry." Since becoming a truck driver in 1997, he's got plenty of miles under his belt, and hopes to shed light on the life of a truck driver.

3. BigCat Trucker

  • BigCat Trucker's page "is all about the new movement in the trucking industry, creating content for travelers, road warriors, foodies, and especially trucking entertainment." BigCat is one of the most well-known truck drivers in the transportation industry. When he started trucking in 2009, he started a YouTube channel chronicling his adventures. Fast forward 7 years, and BigCat can now be seen on both the Travel Channel AND the Cooking Channel!

4. The Dancing Trucker

  • At 6'7", 350 pounds, Big John is anything but small. He's a dancing trucker on a mission to inspire millions of people. Dancing is his passion, and he's not afraid to show that to the trucking world. He wants his determination to be a starting point for others' healthy journey. Give him a follow on Twitter, and subscribe to him on YouTube!


5. Plant Fueled Trucker

  • Plant Fueled Trucker aims to show drivers how having a whole food plant based diet can be done on the road! Most drivers thinking maintaining such a diet is extremely difficult, but Plant Fueled Trucker shows you how it can be done with ease.

These 5 personalities are all aimed at helping you live a better life on the road by example. Step into the life of each and see how they make it work!

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