39 PAM Drivers Reach Safety Milestones

For years, PAM has rewarded their top drivers with prizes such as stainless steel rings, ATV’s, and even Harley Davidson motorcycles! Recently, though, some PAM employees noticed drivers were outperforming the safety rewards guidelines.

As soon as PAM Transport CEO Dan Cushman heard about it, he authorized the program’s expansion to continue to celebrate driver safety by offering additional rewards above and beyond what was currently in place.  Take a look at some of the new incentives PAM is offering...

11 Years

After 11 years of safe driving, PAM drivers are rewarded with a Seiko watch. For years 12-15 of safe driving, a diamond will be added to the face of the watch.

16 Years

A gold ring, with a black centerpiece, is awarded to drivers who reach 16 years of safe driving. For 17-25 years of safe driving, a diamond will be added to the ring.

39 Award Winners

Through the second quarter of this year, there have been 39 PAM drivers that have achieved a safety milestone.

Of those 39, 4 have reached at least 20 years of safe driving under their belt, and 10 have at least 10 years of safe driving.

To reach this level of driving is no easy task. It takes hard work, determination, and a commitment to excellence, safety, and awareness day in and day out. Congratulations to all drivers who have reached a safety milestone! Keep up the great work.

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