3 Powerful Reviews About Truck Driving School

Driver Solutions' goal is to create a positive and productive experience for each new truck driver who completes our CDL school training program. We're committed to monitor and improving the process with each new class. One way we do so is by asking for reviews.

Feedback and reviews from drivers allow us to make the extra effort in areas where we may have fallen short and recognize members of our staff for a job well done. We're back at it in our 2nd week of student reviews. Check out what they had to say below...

Driver Solutions Student Reviews

"My experience in Lakeland was outstanding. All of the instructors went way out of their way to make sure everyone understood 100%. I couldn't be happier." - James Allen

"Driver Solutions is great. They have given me a great opportunity to provide a better life for my son and his mother. One day hopefully I will own my own home and they will have everything they need. Thank you Driver Solutions!" - Tim Cogar

"Driver Solutions did a very good job helping me to get to school, get my CDL, and now a job as a truck driver. The recruiters were also very helpful when I had questions that I wanted to know about before starting school. Thank you Driver Solutions for helping me with my training and getting me where I am today with PAM Transport." - David Jones

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