Top 5 Trucking Memes in 2020

At Driver Solutions, part of our social media strategy has always been geared toward entertaining our audience. We felt this was especially important throughout 2020! The fact is, everyone could use a good laugh and we love to share some of the best trucking memes we run across with our followers. Looking back on 2020, there were 5 posts that really stood out. We are talking lots of likes, comments, shares, you name it! We had such a BLAST sharing them with you then, we figured we'd put together our Top 5 list from 2020 to share again with you here in the new year.  

Top 5 Trucker Memes of 2020

old school respect

trucker small car meme

semi bunk bed

trucker meme honk horn kids

slide down semi truck

Every business, no matter how serious and essential needs to make time to entertain its audience. Not only do memes give a good chuckle, but they also helped to brighten up everyone's day in a year that was filled with sad news.

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