Nicoles 1st Year Of Trucking Thoughts

The first year in trucking. So many lessons to learn. What did Trucker Queen, Nicole, think about her 1st 12 months in the trucking industry?

Watch this video as Nicole shares her thoughts on life during her 1st year as a trucker.  

WATCH: My Thoughts After 1 Year Of Truck Driving

Struggles Of The First Year

You can try to prepare yourself for the lifestyle change of becoming a trucker, but you really just need to get out there and experience life on the road. Like Nicole says in the video, the first 3 months can be extremely difficult - there are the learning curve and lifestyle adjustments hitting you all at once. At times, it will test your limits but if you're able to push through the first couple of months, things begin to get easier. Once you hit the six-month mark, you are really into the groove of driving and the lifestyle as a whole. It takes some time to adjust to being away from home, but once you've gotten used to life on the road - you just may LOVE it.  

Trucking May Be For You

As Nicole says, you may never have imagined yourself as a truck driver, but if you give it a chance, it might be the perfect fit for you. Nicole was a cosmetologist before she started trucking, she also was working two side jobs. She was living paycheck to paycheck and trucking has helped her save, as well as buy a new car, and pay off some debts. All in just her first year! For only going to school for such a small amount of time, you can make really good money in trucking. If you are living paycheck to paycheck and are looking to get into a secure career that can help you earn really good money, apply today to earn your CDL License. Who knows, maybe it'll be you doing the next 1-year review video!

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