18 Wheels of Power in Trucking and…Football?

This past Labor Day brought us one of the most memorable opening weekends to college football in recent history. Renowned programs saw their games start, and end, in disappointment, while other programs seemingly righted their ships with big wins over tough opponents.

One of those programs that seemed to have turned a corner was the University of Texas. In a game that was deemed by many as an instant classic in college football history, the Longhorns took down the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a double overtime thriller that ended 50-47.

Why am I choosing to write about college football? Especially on a truck driving blog? Well in case you didn't watch this particular game, there were multiple times where Texas, and the network broadcasters, brought trucking into the spotlight by acknowledging the raw power of big rigs.

The "18-Wheeler" Package

The Texas Longhorns actually featured a part of their offense that they call the "18-Wheeler" package. One of their two quarterbacks, #18 Tyrone Swoopes, runs this offense that's based primarily in the run game. Besides the coincidence in jersey numbers and wheels on a semi-truck, this offense's characteristics were also oddly similar to an 18-wheeler big rig.

Listed at 6'4", and nearly 250 lbs., Swoopes headed this offense in what seemed to be an unstoppable force. He's big, fast, and tough. Not once in seemingly any of their rushing attempts did Swoopes or his running backs (who also happen to be 250 lbs.) get knocked backwards. When it was all said and done, the entire offense rushed for over 230 yards and scored 4 touchdowns on the ground (including the game winner in the second overtime).

Needless to say, once that offense got moving, it was not stopping.

It was big, fast, and powerful.

Just like a semi.

What It Takes to Run a Rig

Trucking isn't for everybody.

Like the Texas Longhorns' "18-Wheeler" package, it takes a run-hard mentality and an ability to think and operate on your own to run a successful truck.

Trucking is a career that challenges drivers both physically and mentally. It's a career that can also be extremely rewarding.

Those Texas football players didn't just start at the top, they worked their way there. From their start in high school or earlier, leading all the way up to fall training camps before their nights in the spotlight, players dedicate their lives to be students of the game in order to be successful.

You too can be successful in a long-lasting career as a truck driver. But you, like those football players, have to be ready to be a student of your craft and grind out the start of your career in order to reap the rewards. It's how every career starts. 

With the proper training, you too can be on the road making a difference driving one of the most powerful machines in the world.

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